MongoDB and MySQL Backup – Percona Podcast #61 /w Vinicius and Jean

Matt Yonkovit, The HOSS at Percona, presents this friendly podcast with two engineers from Support at Percona. Both Vinicius Grippa and Jean da Silva are from Brazil. Get to know Vini and Jean as they suggest the must-do activities if you visit Brazil.  Jean and Vini then jump into talking databases. Having worked on multiple databases (from MongoDB to MySQL), Vinnie talks about choosing the best database for the job (hint: the best database is the one that you know the best). Matt can't stop playing "favorite open-source question-answer" as well!
Join Vinnie and Jean da Silva at Percona Live. They will present their talk "Percona Backup for MongoDB (PBM short) - The Backup Open Source Tool for MongoDB at Percona Live". In this session, they will highlight how PBM can help back up the large database.

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